Micheline Diab: About Giritaly: It all starts with Como Lake!

Here is the story of how Giritaly Weddings & Events came to be.

By Micheline Diab


#1 How did Giritaly Weddings & Events come to life?

“I founded Giritaly back in 2011, after having worked in finance and more specifically in financial training dedicated events for almost 10 years.”, said Micheline Diab, Founder of Giritaly Weddings & Events.

“It all started on Como Lake, often cited as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.”

” In 2008, I decided that having a second home would be best, so I selected Italy and more specifically Como Lake to become my second home. This is how the Giritaly journey started, and from where the idea grew to cover all Italy and eventually Europe.”, continues Micheline. 

#2 Why did Micheline start Giritaly, a destination events and weddings company, after being in finance for almost 10 years?

Micheline explains:

“To combine the three loves I have: Italy, Love & Glamour

Italy the country I cherish holds so much greatness in its creativity, fashion, cuisine, land, language, and people. Creating weddings and evens in Italy spread so much joy, love, pleasure and positivity.

To Create a niche market

I saw an opportunity and a niche to build an event company that can merge the European and Middle Eastern tastes and habits; an event company that well understands the Italian habits as well as the Middle Eastern ones. I seized the chance on forming a professional team that is aware of the pros and cons of every market and can produce the best result for each and every client.

To be different from competition

Giritaly Weddings & Events is a unique destination company that is based between Lebanon and Italy, with an existent base on Como Lake and a strong connection with the Italian culture. We started strong in glamorous Como Lake; land of beauty and luxury; and then gradually moved to cover all of Italy.

Giritaly with its extensive experience has now built strong partnerships with Greece, France, Portgual, Austria, Spain, and Turkey.”

#3 A brief of Como Lake Villas and Wedding locations

A brief of Como Lake Villas and Wedding locations

Featured on Arabia Weddings Article you can find the list of stunning villas and locations on Como Lake where Giritaly has organized an ‘ensemble’ of glamorous luxurious events for Lebanese and Middle Eastern couples coming from different corners of the world.

#4 Throwback on weddings and events organised in Como Lake villas

About Micheline Diab

After having spent many years travelling around the world working on planning, designing and organizing events and conferences, Micheline Diab, Lebanese born, pursued her dreams of organizing weddings in Europe and the Middle East by founding Giritaly. A wide international exposure, an outgoing personality and a strong ability to communicate helped Micheline build the best international team of skillful providers, ensuring that the dreams of her international clientele come to life.

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