A Charming Lebanese Wedding in Sicily

"The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage."

By Micheline Diab


Lebanese couple, Roula and Nicola, hosted their wedding on 4 June 2023 in magical Sicily, Italy!

A Charming Lebanese Wedding in Sicily

We organized a beautiful three-day wedding for them surrounded by a group of around 250 guests who flew in from Dubai, Europe, and, of course, Lebanon to attend their wedding.

The events were a mix of tropical decoration and Sicilian traditions, highlighting the beauty of Sicily with its lovely beaches, lush gardens, and rich culture, allowing guests to soak up the tropical vibes while experiencing the captivating spirit of Sicily.

The celebrations kicked off on 2 June with a Coastal Craze party: Sicily and the Beach – “Coastal Craze” held at a beachfront location called Tao Beach Club. The venue was decorated with candles, seashells, and Sicilian blue and yellow lighting… Guests fell in love with the Sicilian beach’s romantic ambiance.

On 3 June, a second event took place in Villa Garbo Sicilia, a typical Sicilian Villa located on the beach of Letojanni (Messina), enhanced by the breathtaking view of the bay of Taormina and the surrounding lush vegetation. The venue was traditionally decorated with colored ceramic tiles, and the cuisine was typically Sicilian in all its flavors.

The venue was decorated with traditional Sicilian elements and bright lemon and orange accents. It was filled with traditional decor and accessories that showcased Sicily’s charm. The night included lively music, Sicilian cocktails, and delicious local food. 

The wedding ceremony was a religious blessing held in the heart of Radicepura.

The venue was decorated with tropical elements and accessories in vibrant colors. Exotic flowers, greenery, and a touch of gold complimented the beautiful night, and the lush tropical leaves added to the vibrant energy of the celebration to complete the tropical mood.

About Micheline Diab

After having spent many years travelling around the world working on planning, designing and organizing events and conferences, Micheline Diab, Lebanese born, pursued her dreams of organizing weddings in Europe and the Middle East by founding Giritaly. A wide international exposure, an outgoing personality and a strong ability to communicate helped Micheline build the best international team of skillful providers, ensuring that the dreams of her international clientele come to life.

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