3 Key Factors for the Success of a Destination Wedding

Here are some key factors a planner has to focus on for the success of a destination wedding.

By Micheline Diab


A successful destination wedding is the merge between the couple’s cultures, the venue selection and the country destination where the wedding is taking place. Giritaly highly emphasizes on these factors and this is what makes every wedding special and different.

The below is an example of 4 distinct weddings. Couples from different backgrounds, cultures, and traditions. Couples who selected different venues and destinations that mirror their need, tastes, and dream wedding.

#1 Wedding in France in a picturesque castle in Lyon. Three days wedding

Our beautiful bride raised between Lebanon, Saudi & France and handsome groom raised between Saudi and the USA. The couple shared a great love story overcoming many obstacles. The mélange of their different cultures and traditions coming together as one is what made of this wedding a great success. 

#2 Ritta & Jean got married in Rome, in a classy cozy castle. Two days wedding

Rita from Lebanon. Jean born in Lebanon, lived all his life between Italy and France. Rita & Jean wanted to invite all their guests for the wedding and offer them a two nights’ accommodation. The key was to select an easily reached location, not far from center Rome, and at the same time that can fit all the group. Their wedding turned out to be extremely intimate and romantic, a gathering of family and friends all in one location, full of true love, laughter and happiness. The touching part in this wedding was the professionalism of the couple in addressing every aspect and their attention to details in organization, schedule, and planning.

Holding the bride and the groom on the dance floor is a must in their tradition!!

#3 Eddy & Jess got married on Como lake, Italy in a beautiful waterfront villa. Two days wedding

Eddy from Lebanon with large family from the States and Jess half Polish and half Lebanese with invitees coming from Poland, France, USA, & Lebanon. The success of this classy chic fairytale wedding was first of all the selection of a grand  waterfront villa as their wedding venue, and Lake Como Italy for their wedding destination.

An Arabic, French, Polish religious ceremony took place on the villa’s picturesque Darsena in the heart of Como Lake. 

#4 Hagop & Tsoler got married on Como Lake, Italy in an elegant waterfront villa in the heart of Como. Three days event

Both Armenian from Lebanon. Hagop was raised in Canada and Tsoler in Lebanon. The highlight of this wedding was the Armenian Orthodox ceremony organised in the Orthodox church in Como surrounded by a crowd of Arabs, Armenians, Canadians, and Italians.

The Armenian music beat and folk dance in the heart of Como lake, the grand classy Italian decoration and setup, a super chic bride that walked the isle, made of this wedding one of the best wedding signatures on Como Lake.

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After having spent many years travelling around the world working on planning, designing and organizing events and conferences, Micheline Diab, Lebanese born, pursued her dreams of organizing weddings in Europe and the Middle East by founding Giritaly. A wide international exposure, an outgoing personality and a strong ability to communicate helped Micheline build the best international team of skillful providers, ensuring that the dreams of her international clientele come to life.

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